The "Inseparables" soundtrack available now

September 8, 2023:News

With the theatrical release of "The Inseparables" drawing near, why not immerse yourself in the universe of Don and DJ Doggie Dog with the electrifying soundtrack composed by long-time partners and friends Puggy.


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The musical backdrop to the whimsical adventures of Don, DJ Doggie Dog and all their friends is now available on your favorite digital streaming platform. Check it out now!

This is not the first time that the European animation studio and just-as European music band join forces on an project like this. Puggy and nWave started collaborating on "The Son Of Bigfoot". Ever since, they've been an unstoppable duo, combining the distinctly fresh pop sound that is the trademark of Matthew, Romain, and Egyl to nWave's beautiful 3D images.

"Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness" was a turning point for both the band and the studio. This project required another type of musical backdrop but Puggy took on the challenge admirably.

This album and feature film prove once again that nWave's and Puggy's creativity is constantly renewing itself. That's what happens when you... Use your imagination.

"The Inseparables" is scheduled for theatrical release, starting in Autumn of 2023.