The game is afoot ! Follow the greatest detective in a brand new investigation...

Attraction Films
10m 46s


"Sherlock Holmes 4D – The Great Detective" is a fast-paced mystery adventure set in the misty streets of Victorian London. When Holmes arrives at the scene of a bank robbery he is met by Dashwood Hunter, his bitter rival. Following the evidence, and trying to stay one step ahead of Hunter, Holmes and his longsuffering companion Doctor Watson race after the culprit through the vaults of the Bank of England, into the Tower of London and up the clock tower of Big Ben. Offering a truly immersive 3D experience and spectacular 4D effects including lightning, wind blasts, water spray and bubble effects, "Sherlock Holmes 4D" sets up a frantic chase as Holmes finds himself confronted with a dire choice: can he solve the crime in time to save his old friend?

Produced by Red Star / Distributed by nWave


Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes needs no introduction. The world famous detective is back with a perilous investigation that will oppose him to one of the most brillant criminal minds: Dashwood... Thank goodness he can count on his loyal friend, Dr Watson !


Dr Watson might not have the brain of his friend Sherlock Holmes but he certainly doesn't lack in courage. He is of invaluable help during Sherlock's investigations, although most of the dective's conclusion are "elementary, my dear Watson".


Sleek and elegant, Daswhood is a formidable criminal. Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr Watson will have to use all of their resources to prevent him from stealing the jewels of Her Majesty The Queen. The game's afoot !